Manuals for DEC 36-bit Computers

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TOPS-10 Software Notebooks

Scanned by Al Kossow and Eric Smith. Postprocessed by Al Kossow. Distributed via the web site:

Volume P/N Title File Size (MB)
1 Master Table of Contents
Update Notices updates.pdf 4.9
AA-0858C-TB Documentation Directory AA-0858C-TB.pdf 2.4
EE-21041-26 DECsystem-10 Technical Summary DecSystem10_TechnicalSummar.pdf 4.0
DEC-10-MZDC-D Introduction to DECsystem-10 Software DEC-10-MZDC-D.pdf 3.4
Getting Started With DECsystem-10 DEC-XGSDA-A-D.pdf 2.4
Introduction to TECO DEC-10-UTECA-A-D.pdf 1.5
DEC-10-USOSA-A-D SOS User's Guide DEC-10-USOSA-A-D.pdf 1.4
AA-D303A-TB Getting Started With Batch (TOPS-10) AA-D303A-TB.pdf 4.0
2 AA-0916F-TB TOPS-10 Operating System Commands Manual AA_0916F_OS_Commands.pdf 19.0
AA-H374B-TK TOPS-10/TOPS-20 Batch Reference Manual AA_H374B_batch.pdf 9.2
AD-H374A-T1 TOPS-10/TOPS-20 Batch Reference Manual Update
3 AA-0999E-TB
TECO Programmer's Reference Manual AA-0999E-TB_TECO.pdf 5.8
TECO Programmer's Reference Manual Update
AA-D598A-TB TOPS-10 SOS Reference Manual AA_D598A_SOSrefMan.pdf 12.1
AA-M840B-TK TOPS-10/TOPS-20 DECmail/MS Manual AA_M840B_decmail.pdf 3.8
AA-L412A-TB TOPS-10 Tape Processing Manual AA_L412A_tapeProcessing.pdf 4.9
4 AA-0974G-TB TOPS-10 Monitor Calls Manual (Volume 1) AA-0974G-TB_monCallsVol1.pdf 19.8
AA-K039D-TB TOPS-10 Monitor Calls Manual (Volume 1) AA-K093D_monCallsVol2.pdf 32.5
5 AA-H391A-TK DECsystem-10/DECSYSTEM-20 Processor Reference Manual AA-H391A-TK_procRefJun1982.pdf 37.4
AD-H391A-T1 DECsystem-10/DECSYSTEM-20 Processor Reference Manual Update
DEC-10-XSRMA-A-D DECsystem-10 Hardware Reference Manual
DEC-10-XSRMA-A-DN1 DECsystem-10 Hardware Reference Manual Update
6 AA-0196C-TK ALGOL Programmer's Guide AA-0196C-TK_algol.pdf 5.3
AA-H200A-TK APLSF Language Manual AA-H200A-TK_aplsf.pdf 33.9
BASIC Conversational Language Manual DEC-10-LBLMA-A-D_BASIC.pdf 6.3
7 AA-H275C-TK BLISS Language Guide AA_H275C-TK_bliss.pdf 29.8
AD-H275C-T1 BLISS Language Guide Update
8 AA-J937E-TK BLISS-36 Compiler Installation Notes AA-J937E-TK_blissInstall.pdf 0.8
AA-H712D-TK BLISS-36 User's Guide AA-H712D-TK_bliss36.pdf 12.9
AA-J201A-TK BLISS XPORT Programmer's Guide AA-J201A-TK_xport.pdf 11.2
9 AA-5057B-TK TOPS-10/TOPS-20 COBOL-68 Lanugage Manual AA-5057B-TK_cobol68.pdf 22.5
AA-M586A-TK TOPS-10/TOPS-20 COBOL Conversion Utility Guide AA-M586A-TK_cobolConvUtil.pdf 1.5
10 AA-5059B-TK TOPS-10/TOPS-20 COBOL-74 Language Manual AA-5059B-TK_cobol74.pdf 26.4
AD-5059B-T1 TOPS-10/TOPS-20 COBOL-74 Language Manual Update
DECsystem-10/20 CPL User's Manual DEC-10-LCPLA-B-D_cplUserMan.pdf 13.8
11 AA-N383B-TK TOPS-10/TOPS-20 FORTRAN Language Manual AA-N383B-TK_fortLangMan.pdf 29.1
AD-N383B-T1 TOPS-10/TOPS-20 FORTRAN Language Manual Update
AA-P345C-TB TOPS-10 FORTRAN Installation Guide AA-P345C-TB_fortInstall.pdf 0.6
AA-0947B-TK Introduction to IQL AA-0947B-TK_IQL_intro.pdf 3.7
AA-H282A-TK IQL User's Guide AA-H282A-TK_IQL_usersGuide.pdf 7.0
12 AA-M400A-TK TOPS-10/TOPS-20 Common Math Library Reference Manual AA-M400A-TK_commMathLib.pdf 8.6
AA-M581B-TK DIL User Reference Manual AA-M581B-TK_DIL.pdf 13.5
AA-M063A-TB TOPS-10 SORT/MERGE User's Guide AA-M063A-TB_sort-merge.pdf 6.7
13 AA-BH82B-TB TOPS-10 DDT Manual AA-BH82B-TB_ddt.pdf 5.7
AA-0988D-TB TOPS-10 LINK Reference Manual AA-0988D-TB_link.pdf 9.7
AA-0988D-T1 TOPS-10 LINK Reference Manual Update
AA-0988D-T2 TOPS-10 LINK Reference Manual Update
AA-C780C-TB MACRO Assembler Reference Manual AA-C780C-TB_macro.pdf 7.1
AA-M472A-TB TOPS-10 MAKLIB User's Guide AA-M472A-TB_maklib.pdf 2.5
AA-0998B-TB TOPS-10 User Utilities Manual AA-0998B-TB_userUtils.pdf 2.8
CREF Specification crefSpecification.pdf 0.2
DMPFILE Specification dmpfilSpecification.pdf 0.1
DMPREF Specification dmprefSpecification.pdf 0.7
14 AA-W557A-TB ANF-10 Networks Software Installation Guide AA-W557A-TB_ANF-10.pdf 3.6
AA-BS94A-TK TOPS-10/TOPS-20 RSX-20F System Reference Manual AA-BS94A-TK_RSX20F.pdf 15.9
AA-BS94A-T1 TOPS-10/TOPS-20 RSX-20F System Reference Manual
AA-D783B-TB TOPS-10 Remote Station Guide AA-D783B-TB_RemStationGuide.pdf 5.1
AA-M494A-TK TOPS-10/TOPS-20 DDT11 Manual AA-H225F-TC_DDT11.pdf 1.6
BOOT11 Specification BOOT11.pdf 0.6
DN8x-Series Remote Station Macros DN8x_macros.pdf 0.9
DTELDR Specification DTELDR.pdf 0.6
KPDLDR Specification KDPLDR.pdf 0.2
NETLDR Specification NETLDR.pdf 0.4
AA-D612B-TB TOPS-10 IBM Emulation/Termination AA-D612B-TB_IBMemul.pdf 7.1
15 AA-P512C-TB TOPS-10 Software Installation Guide AA-P512C-TB_SoftwInstalGde.pdf 9.0
DEC-10-CKRMA-A-D CHK11 Reference Manual DEC-10-CKRMA-A-D_CHK11.pdf 0.8
DTBOOT Specification DTBOOT.pdf 0.4
AA-H729A-TK TOPS-10/TOPS-20 Autopatch Procedures/Reference Manual AA-H729A-TK_Autopatch.pdf 3.8
DEC-10-YUFA-D SOUP Programmer's Reference Manual DEC-10-YUFA-D_soup.pdf
16 AA-H283C-TB TOPS-10 Operator's Guide AA-H283C-TB_tops10operGuide.pdf 19.8
AA-KZ39A-TK TOPS-10/TOPS-20 Operator's Hardware Device and Maintenance Guide AA-KZ39A-TK_operatorsHWref.pdf 9.1
17 AA-H599C-TB TOPS-10 Operator's Command Language Reference Manual AA-H599C-TB_OperCmdLang.pdf 11.3
AA-4181B-TK TOPS-10/TOPS-20 USAGE File Specification AA-4181B-TK_USAGEfileSpec.pdf 3.3
AD-4181B-T1 TOPS-10/TOPS-20 USAGE File Specification Update
DISKIO Specification DISKIO.pdf 0.5
DSKLST Specification DSKLST.pdf 0.6
DSKRAT Specification DSKRAT.pdf 0.2
FACT Accounting Specification FACT.pdf 0.4
FNDBLK Specification FNDBLK.pdf 0.2
KSCOM Specification KSCOM.pdf 1.1
KSFORM Specification KSFORM.pdf 0.3
SCHED Specification
WILD Specification WILD.pdf 1.5
MONTST Specification
MULTI Specification MULTI.pdf 0.3
PERF Specification
SCRIPT Specification SCRIPT.pdf 0.5
SIMPKG Specification
18 AA-H206D-TB TOPS-10 Crash Analysis Guide AA-H206D-TB_crashAnalysis.pdf 6.4
AA-BJ93C-RB TOPS-10 Stopcodes Specification AA-BJ93C-RB_TOPS10stopCodes.pdf 5.9
AA-BJ92B-RB TOPS-10 Monitor Tables AA-BJ92B-RB_TOPS10monTbls.pdf 11.5
AA-J833B-TK TOPS-10/TOPS-20 SPEAR Manual AA-J833B-TK_spear.pdf 6.6
19 AA-0901C-TB DBMS-10 Programmer's Procedures Manual AA-0901C-TB_DBMS-10prog.pdf 6.3
AA-0899C-TB DBMS-10 Administrator's Procedures Manual AA-0899C-TB_DBMS-10admin.pdf 9.5
20 AA-J055D-TK Introduction to DECnet AA-J055D-TK_DECnetPh4Intro.pdf 7.1
AA-P379B-TB TOPS-10 DECnet and PSI Installation Guide AA-P379B-TB_decnetInstall.pdf 9.4
AA-L413B-TB TOPS-10 DECnet and PSI System Manager's and Operator's Guide AA-L413B-TB_DECnetSysMgr.pdf 14.1
AA-CK81A-TB TOPS-10 PSI User's Guide AA-CK81A-TB_PSI.pdf 7.9

DECsystem-1080/1090 System Description
DEC part number EK-1090U-SD-003, 3rd Edition (Rev), January 1977
162 pp., 12M

This manual contains a good overview of the DECsystem-10. It actually includes some details about system configuration and operation that I've never found elsewhere.

TOPS-10 Operator's Guide
DEC part number AA-H283B-TB, April 1986, for TOPS-10 V7.03
486 pp., 19M

This guide gives the computer operator a task-oriented reference for using the TOPS-10 operating system and a brief description of the hardware supported by the TOPS-10 operating system.

DECsystem-10/DECSYSTEM-20 Processor Reference Manual
DEC part number AD-H391A-T1 (update) and AA-H391A-TK (base document)
514 pp., 36M
My copy of the update is missing pages 1-13 and 1-14, so this PDF file contains those pages from the base document instead.

This manual is the definitive reference on the PDP-10 processor architecture and instruction set.

DTE20 Ten-Eleven Interface Unit Description
DEC part number EK-DTE20-UD-003, 3rd Edition (Rev), October 1976
partial manual: 50 pp., 2.5M
This PDF file currently only contains the first chapter of the manual. The rest of the manual has a lot of foldout pages, and will take longer to scan.

This manual describes the interface between the KL10 and the PDP-11-based front-end systems. A KL10 can have DTE20 interfaces to up to four PDP-11s, of which one is the system console, and the others are typically DN87S communication systems.

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